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 "The Mission to 'Preserve Nature for the Future"

To create awareness, protect nature, and generate positive impacts and values in the world through actions and solutions that enhance life.

In the journey of 'Preserve Nature for the Future':

  • We commit to shaping our sustainability approach by creating a common roadmap for stakeholder views to meet their needs.

  • We aim to establish value-adding partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and shareholders through exemplary practices in sustainable supply chain management.

  • We pledge to maintain equal opportunities and inclusivity in all relationships with stakeholders, adhering to the principles of non-discrimination.

  • We strive to provide a fair, egalitarian, safe, freedom-of-expression-supportive work environment for sustainable employment, offering development opportunities.

  • We work towards improving our occupational health and safety system with a target of zero accidents, fostering a culture that prioritizes employee well-being.

  • We remain committed to ethical values and principles in the fight against corruption.

  • We aim to protect ecosystems and biodiversity by efficiently using natural resources, reducing waste and production-related pollution, and minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

  • We support production practices that contribute to a circular economy.
    We are dedicated to producing environmentally friendly, safe, and high-quality products.

  • We incorporate innovative technology into investment decisions to protect people and nature.

  • We undertake activities to raise awareness among our employees and external stakeholders for a sustainable future and life.

  • We commit to regularly and transparently disclosing our data-based performance."