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Frequently Asked Questions

Polyester is a type of synthetic fiber and is known for its durability, lightness and easy care. Thanks to these features, it is widely used in the textile industry, clothing, upholstery fabrics, carpets, sports equipment and many other areas. It is also preferred as interior furnishing materials in the automotive industry. As Koza Polyester, we are a leader in the production of high quality polyester fibers with years of experience.

Koza Polyester is known for its environmental sensitivity. We shape production processes in line with sustainability principles. We minimize environmental impact by using energy efficiency-focused techniques. Additionally, we attach importance to the use of recyclable materials. With this approach, we aim to leave a cleaner environment to future generations by producing environmentally friendly products.

R&D is of great importance for Koza Polyester. We constantly work to discover new technologies and production methods, improve the quality of our products and maximize customer satisfaction. In this context, our expert team constantly carries out R&D projects and follows the latest developments in the sector.

Customer satisfaction is one of the main priorities for Koza Polyester. Our professional and experienced customer service team is here to understand the needs of our customers before and after sales and to provide the most effective solutions. As Koza Polyester, we make the necessary improvements in our products in accordance with the machine park, production and needs of our customers and special productions are made on company basis.

Koza Polyester makes intensive efforts to minimize environmental impacts and adhere to sustainability principles. Energy efficiency and waste management are at the forefront of our production processes.

Our product range covers a wide spectrum, ranging from the textile industry to technical textiles. We serve various industries including clothing, home textiles, automotive, and furniture.

Quality is the cornerstone of our business. Our products are produced in compliance with international standards and undergo rigorous controls. We continuously enhance our quality through ongoing training and quality assurance programs.


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