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Quality Rooted in History

Koza Polyester Industry and Trade Inc., a subsidiary of Akınal Group, has played a significant role in Turkey's industrialization since its founding in 2011. The company established itself in the 4th Organized Industrial Zone of Gaziantep in April 2014 to meet Turkey's demand for polyester fiber.


About Koza

Becoming one of the leading yarn producers in the industry from past to present, Koza Polyester integrates with a polymerization plant and operates four fiber production lines, producing nonwoven, textile-grade polyethylene terephthalate staple fiber. In addition, there is also a Plasticizer Plant. 

Over the years, Koza Polyester has become a leading fiber producer in Turkey, gaining recognition through its investments and step-by-step improvements.

In addition to its rapidly rising innovative success, Koza Polyester engages in social responsibility projects and environmental practices for a more sustainable future and has made significant contributions to the Turkish economy through its initial public offering and employment creation.

Koza Polyester, with its ongoing commitment, will continue its rise in the industry with new projects and investments, aiming high for the future.


Koza Production

Koza has a wide production capability, catering to various industries. This includes companies using polymers and chips (FDY, POY, BCF Spunbond, Film, Plastic, and masterbatch manufacturers), catering to the PVC & Cable, Rubber, Artificial Leather, and other plastic industries with plasticization production. Additionally, our largest production capacity lies in polyester staple fiber production, meeting and satisfying the demands of our customers.