About Us

Koza Polyester has been established in 2012 in the southeast city of Turkey, Gaziantep by AKINAL family. Koza Polyester became Turkey’s second virgin polyester staple fiber producer as well as one of the largest capacities in Europe in terms of staple fibers. Koza Polyester started-up its production activities at the end of 2013.

Koza Production in Brief

KOZA has got wide range of production capabilities addressing variety of industries such as polymer/chips users ( FDY, POY, Spunbond, Film, Plastic producers) by producing plasticizers we are also addressing to PVC, Rubber and other Plastic industries. In addition to our largest capacity of production of staple fibers, we are addressing and meeting the tailor made reequests of fiber users such as; apparel, home textile, wide range nonwovens productions and products, filling applications ( wadding, padding)…etc.


Delivering high value added polyester products to its local and global customers.


Producing & developing value added products for sustaniable growth.